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Suscription box

Nurture is a monthly box of cultured foods which are all locally crafted, cultured & curated by our team of artisans. Each month, for three months, you will receive several jars of fermented foods & drinks - with some that are familiar and some that are wildly creative! Every month, the box will likely include a vegetable sauerkraut or kimchi, a pickled vegetable, a fermented salsa and a fermented beverage. 

We will post on our web site each month, the descriptions of each of the ferments with a complete list of ingredients.

Your fermented CSA pack of goods will be available for your collection at our commercial kitchen facility. Those times of pickup will be announced to our members from our mailing list.  

The Nurture box fee is $175 for a three months supply and is limited in number to ensure our continued integrity towards artisanal craftsmanship. 

2019 Shares are now available. There are only 15 spots!

Ensure you are part of the Collective by registering at our online store. 

To stay in the loop on CSA news or to join our waiting list for future shares, please email cultureartisanscollective@gmail.com

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Each month, enjoy



BBQ Nurture Box

Sample Menu for your first box

Fermented fresh ketchup

Pickled spring radishes

Rhubarb relish

Early apples California Style kraut

Goji berries kefir


Rustic Nurture Box

Sample Menu for your 2nd box

Peach spicy salsa
Fermented garlic scapes
Coriander sauerkraut
Fermented creamy ranch dip 
Pineapple Mexican Tepache Drink

Rustic Kitchen

Four Continents Nurture Box

Sample Menu for your 3rd box

Coconut yogurt
Sweet pepper salsa
Sweet and sour raisin chutney
Zucchini squash pesto kraut
Traditional beet kvass



A true & unique delicacy

Camembert & Blue Cheese

100% Vegan

Our cheeses are raw, living products that are handmade with the highest quality plant-based organic ingredients. 
Our raw, hand-cranked cashews retain all their nutrients and amazing flavours. 
We work from fresh cashew milk, add vegan probiotic cultures, natural sea salt and follow a traditional process of fermentation and maturation, giving our cheese a pristine cheese flavour.
This makes it the perfect healthy vegan alternative to conventional cheese.
Pre-orders only; cheeses are subject to availability.



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